What is RURBAN?

“It is a blend of rural and urban” (Merriam-Webster, 2018).


By understanding ourselves in all settings we can begin to understand ourselves from the outside in. It is my goal to engage those who are without direction in life to practice the lifestyle of awareness. We can be aware through our surroundings in our everyday lives.


I first became intrigued by the subject of meditation after moving to Kamloops. I was over 4,000 kilometres away from home and my mind was uneasy. Since moving to Kamloops I have had one hospitalization regarding my mental health and another back home in Ontario. Meditation teaches me to stay grounded and helps me find peace in the little things in life. Life is not meant to be a complicated journey. It is meant to be a journey of our own awareness. Awareness of our actions, feelings, and thoughts. By taking an interdisciplinary approach I seek to understand how meditation affects a person in urban settings and those in rural settings. My personal experience allows me to take a path that many have not been on. My hopes are to create a project for people who are going through a difficult time in life and seek help and guidance within themselves.